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          ABOUT US
          Changzhou Mach-Tec Special Machinery Co., Ltd.
          The seeds of Changzhou Mach-Tec Special Machinery Co., Ltd. were sown in 1995, with production capacity of only a few tons of Lost Wax Investment Castings per month. Since then we have progressed exponentially and in 2000, the investment was expanded to build the current production base which includes casting and machining in Changzhou city, jiangsu province.

          We have passed the TUV 9000 and the JWWA certificates.
          WHY CHOOSE US
          • Custom made
            (shape, material, process)
          • Forming by molds, can be mass-produced by lower cost
          • Wide application
          • Independent import and export right
          CONTACT US
          TEL: 0086-519-85506782E-MAIL: zhuangyifei@mhe-shanghai.comFAX: 0086-519-85506787
          ADD: No.3 Xieli Road, Zhenglu Peace Industrial zone, Tianning District, Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, China
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